Vanilla Mozi

250ml tube


Brand: Vanilla-Mozi

The largest bottle in the Vanilla Mozi range. Perfect for families and groups that love to experience the outdoors while being protected naturally.

The New Vanilla Mozi tubes are practical and eco-friendly. The tubes are aluminium lined so expect them to be dinted and crumpled!!

The Vanilla Mozi team choose these tubes for three reasons:

1. The tubes offer a greater shelf life as air doesn't fill the tube and oxidise the cream.

2. Our customers have the ability to extract all of the cream from the tube.

3. The tubes are better for our environment than plastic tubes.


Vanilla Mozi – the Great Australian Story.

   The mosquitos were swarming during the day, the kids couldn’t play outside, but mother of 4, Lea-anne Crawford refused to spray them in the cocktail of toxic chemicals found in commercial repellents.

   Instead of copying traditional DEET and citronella based products, Lea-anne started with a blank canvas and set about creating a new handmade product that would smell beautiful and be highly effective for outdoor use.  Lea-anne experimented with natures oils and essences – some to repel mosquitos, others to make us invisible to their highly developed senses.

   Lea-anne kept developing the natural formula and tested it through an ever-widening network of friends and local markets. Mums, the toughest audience of all, couldn’t believe they’d finally found something that the kids loved, really worked and smelled amazing.

   As word spread, Vanilla Mozi found great success all over Australia including Tropical North Queensland and Kakadu where you will not last the night without Vanilla Mozi.  Vanilla Mozi is now sold worldwide and the feedback is always the same – “I can’t believe this works SO well!”

   So from a mother’s natural instinct to protect her children, Lea-anne continues on her mission to free mums from the impossible choice that she faced, by helping them protect their families from mosquitos and other biting insects.

   Vanilla Mozi has the beautiful aroma of vanilla and spearmint pure essential oils and is based in natural plant oils, beeswax and shea butter.  You apply Vanilla Mozi like a moisturiser to all exposed skin and it is perfect for when you want to relax in the outdoors with family and friends.


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