ISARA standard carrier - Disco Dots

adjustable for use from newborn!


Brand: Isara

♥ Made from 100% Organic Cotton - GOTS Certified.

♥ Carry your baby on your front, hip & back.

♥ Shoulder straps can be rucksack or crossed on the back “X’.

♥ Can be used from 4 weeks to 4 years. (4kg to 20kg)

♥ The width & height of main panel can be adjusted to fit your baby (width-wise & height-wise) - NO INFANT INSERT REQUIRED

♥ Super-soft leg & arm padding for baby.

♥ Super adjustable buckles, padded waistband & padded shoulder straps for you.

♥ Includes a removable sleephood.

♥ Machine washable.

♥ Duraflex buckles.

♥ Comes with full instructions.

♥ Made in the EU.

Each carrier is made in the EU and was designed by a mummy who also just happens to be a babywearing consultant ♥

The feature we love the most is the totally adjustable main panel.  The width can be narrowed for smaller babies, from 26cm-38cm.  It can be shortened for smaller babies too.  It doesn’t make it any more difficult to use, but it does give a customised fit for your little one.  Just right, every time.

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