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Five years ago my baby wearing journey started where most peoples started – making an uniformed choice and buying the most popular carrier driven by media. No-one in my family had ever carried their children, so when it came time for me to buy those “Luxury” items that were not a necessity I bought a Baby Bjorn original carrier from our local baby store. This baby carrier gave me freedom and convenience and I LOVED it.

Elissa seen not only Australia in this carrier, but she also seen the world! Walking the Great Wall of China, the streets of Kuala Lumpar, the markets of Panang, to name a few. AND we still have the photos!

Gold Dust Baby abroad!

Three years later baby #2 arrived! A beautiful boy named Harrison. He was a big baby and once again the Baby Bjorn came out of the cupboard. Living in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia we have one baby store, a Target and a Kmart shopping centre. I had most things left from having Elissa and as such it never occurred to me to look for any new products, and the ability to browse through lovely big baby stores was not available. So again I remained in the dark about the possibilities of baby wearing. I had one ring sling that was given to me but I had never used.

Fast forward 18 months. Baby #3!!! Jackson is such a wonderful and happy little boy – who was diagnosed with DDH (Developmental Hip Dysplacia) from birth. So now the research began. The more I delved into the realms of carrying your baby, infant physiology and chiropractic endorsements the more my eyes opened! Why had no-one stopped me on the street and told me? Why do infant health nurses not tell you about how to carry your baby ergonomically? So many questions that I kept coming up with.

So the first thing I did was go down town to the local baby store. There were Baby Bjorns and Mini Monkeys and a ring sling, but where were all these great carriers that I had been researching and hearing so much about? I asked around other Mums in Kalgoorlie and they all said the same thing – they had to buy online.

This was the point where I decided to start our local Baby wearing Group. Kalgoorlie-Boulder Babywearers was born in October 2013. It was a group where people could meet and try all the different types of carriers first before buying online. Products are not cheap, and add to that postage, only to then find that it is not suitable for you and your baby? Well not anymore! Our new group saw to that. We now have almost 100 members and everyone is trying so many different products and trying things they didn’t know existed in main stream parenting – the ease of a ring sling, the beauty of a woven wrap...

It was from this that the natural progression to open Kalgoorlie’s first ergonomic baby wearing store came. I wanted all of these great products to be available to the Mums of Kalgoorlie; for them to be able to see what they are buying before they click the “add to cart” button; and for them to save money on postage and buy a well-earned coffee with that instead!

I wanted to choose products that were not only the well-known sought after brands (such as Hug-a-Bub and Ergo), but also brands that I have handpicked for Kalgoorlie. Angel Pack are one of the most lightweight of the soft structured carriers – perfect for Kalgoorlie summers. Woven Wraps of the finest quality here in Kalgoorlie, including the lovely Ellevill wraps from Norway with their airy soft weave! And beautiful ring slings converted from these woven wraps.

To me a baby carrier is NOT a luxury. It is necessity. Not only does it forge that strong bond between you and baby, but it gives you the freedom to be a better Mum to your other children if you have them, and hands free independence. It helps your baby to grow as all their energy is diverted away from crying and needing into growing both physically and mentally. It helps combat post-natal depression because when Baby is happy Mummy is happy and the housework is done! I want to be the one to show Kalgoorlie Mums what a rewarding journey this can be for them, and how to do it in a safe and ergonomically correct way for their babies.

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